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Abgeschickt von Lavender für Wendy Scott am 14 September, 2001 um 04:50:32

I have been asked by many peoople to give some clarity to yesterday's (11.9.) events from a spiritual and metaphysical point of view. I am going to say a number of things, so please bear with me as it will take a minute to tie them all together.
First, let's remember that God is the presence of light and the ego ist the lack of light. Anytime something happens that is hard to make sense of, it is the ego at work because the ego never makes sense. The ego cannot make sense because a lack of light HAS NO sense.
That said, a lot of sense can be drawn FROM yesterday's events.
As I watched the images unfold, and heard the commentators remark over and over on America's symbols and images being under attack, ncluding the intended targets that were missed, it became very clear what was going on. The symbols are the World Trade Center, the White House and the Pentagon.
Take first "World" and know this was an attack on the world, not just the United States. The United States has always symbolized to me the United States of Consciousness as it has always symbolized all of us on the planet,just as people from all over the planet have come here to live, by it's initials "US". So what was hit was the world consciousness that we all share. The White House, an intended target, represents freedom, justice and democracy around the world, as well as purity and innocence (white), so there is an extreme need to protect freedom, justice and democracy around the world.. I can't remember offhand who said it, Adams or Jefferson, I believe, but "The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance", which I will go into a little later in this email. The Pentagon, which was hit, is not only a symbol of war and the military but it is 5-sided and 5 is the number of change. It is time to change our world consciousness in a profound way...and that profound way is to eradicate the ego-mind (the lack of light) by replacing it with the God mind (the presence of light). It is also time to stop warring (the Pentagon symbol), but not just in physical terms. The real war at issue is the war between the ego self and the God self in each one of us - the lack of light versus the light. The ego/lack of light is only concentrated at this time for us to see in the perpetrator of these events, but it is, in acutality, everywhere to some degree in everyone around the word. In addition, the real war at issue, stemming from the ego self and the God self, is the war between fear (ego/evil) and peace (God).
There are easy solutions to this, solutions we each utilize in our daily lives to bring about authentic change:
Only the ego evokes fear and only the ego attacks...and what was across every television channel last night but "America Under Attack". Let the images we all saw yesterday be a magnification of what the ego (a lack of light) does and can do...there is no difference between an angry word spoken against someone and a plane going through a building. It is the same thing increased to unmistakable proportions. And it is increased to such proportions because the ego was not stopped by filling the lack of ight with light all over the world. The ego always escalates until it is stopped. The ego behind yesterday's events symbolizes both the collective ego on this planet and the personal ego. The lack of light must be replaced with light. And vigilance must be maintained at all times to ensure light being present and to ensure that the lack of light cannot make a sneak attack...the ego only comes when we aren't looking. So all of this is a call as well for staying conscious. We can't fell asleep anymore...not the world, not any country, not any government, not any citizen. We are all in this together. We are all required to be and stay conscious...and we alyways were just got easy to fall asleep/go unconscious. Being conscious is a peaceful place to bw. Only the ego wants us unconscious because that is where fear resides and thrives.
Since all of that is ture, and I promise you it is, let's determine here and now to use the images we saw. Instead of letting them fill us with fear, which was the intention, instead of letting them haunt us, instead of hiding from them by sleeping, drinking or drugging or any of the other ways we make ourselves forget, let's intentionally flash them on the screen of our mind every time we think an angry thought or word back and apologize to ourselves and/or the person or situation involved, and immediately offer light and love in its place. And when someone forgets in response to us, let's kindly remind them.
I went out for a short time yesterday and found that, like after a California earthquake or some other natural disaster, peole were quite in shock but very kind, polite, respectful, loving, helpful and eager to connect with one another. It is a shame we have to be shocked what and who we are naturally without an ego in the way, but those characteristics are the correct way to be all the time--they are the manifestation of light, the manifestation of God--and exemplify not only how we need to be at all times but the truth of who we really are. It is the way to be, no matter what anyone else is doing or how they are acting. It is replacing the lack of light with light. We all are light. Let's use it. Put it out there. BE the light that is lacking. Be the light that is lacking everywhere you go and with everyone you meet. That light will affect everyone you meet, and it will affect them in such a way as to evoke their own light so that every place they go and everyone they meet will be affected, and those people and places will be affected, and on and on.
It has to be a determination fron this point on. Thre will be backsliding, and when that occurs, we just forgive ourselves immediately, resolve to give light again and go out and do it. It requires only conscious practice, like learning the piano, until we know the song of love and light by heart.
This also means giving light to ourselves. It means being a loving lantern in our own psyche and bringing light into any and every area that lacks it. It means being kind, respectful, polite, loving, helpful and connecting to our own self. That is the only correct response to who we are: children of God.
In my New Year's Eve meditation with Divine Mother this year, I was told there would be many changes coming in thw world, many of them in disastrous proportions, in order to wake up the world and yesterday was certainly one such change. I have also been told in meditation that the world is undergoing the kind of near-death that I had in 1989-an explosion in which the old ways die off so the new ways can be born. So seeing yesterday's events as a call for change on this planet, a call for newness, and seeing it as a call you can answer, internally and externally with the light, will bring from the depths of this calamity the greatness of God. It will instantly begin the rebuilding of world consciousness in new, productive and positive ways.
there were and are many calls for prayer, and you will remember Congress standing on the steps of the Capitol Building singing "God Bless America". I couldn't help thinking as I saw this that if we would all pray and meditate consistently, 1) these things wouldn't happen and/or we would be aware of their inpending occurence and so be able to stop them or prepare for them (just as I get information in meditation about upcoming earthquakes, for example) and 2) that we would have the unshakable faith and trust that is required to withstand whatever occurs in our lives and in the life of civilization as a whole.
Why aren't we praying every day? Why aren't we meditating every day and receiving consciously, at least through Divine Meditation, the answers we need? Why aren't we singing "God Bless America" every day?
Certainly prayer in the schools was at least a daily reminder of a higher power and if prayer is not reinstituted in the schools, somehting has to be done to create the daily reminder...or we will keep having disasters as the reminder to look to God and/or that we are seriously off-base in our collective and personal union with God. Since we are all united with God every second of every day but just forget it, a reminder is necessary. Europe built churches and cathedrals on almost every street so that the spire would naturally lift one's gaze to God no matter where one stood. That is a sane reminder.
As for "God Bless America"-bearing in mind that the ego ("I") is the lack of light and God ("we") is the recognition of light in us all; bearing also that yesterday's events are a call for both change in the world and change on a worldwide level, let's start singing "God bless the World" openly and privately to the tune of "God Bleass America" and incorporate "we"--

God bless the World,
Land that we love,
Stand behind her
And guide her
Through the night with the light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans white with foam,
God bless the world,
Our home, sweet home,
God bless the world,
Our home sweet home.

Let's stop using the word "I" (ego) and start using the word "we" (God) in everything we do. It is time. Let yesterday's events be the time in your own life. Let it be the time light came from you and for you to replace the lack of it. Let yesterday's images be a reinforcement of the resolve and need to do it, or we will be giving it the silent approval that will allow it to happen again, if not iun the form we experienced yesterday, than in another.
The men on United flight 93 voted to overtake the hijackers and by doing so saved countless lives...let's follow their example and all vote right now to overtake the ego, overtake the lack of light, and save countless lives around the world. Let it start by sending this email, if you want to, to everyone you know.
Love and light,


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